· By Ngo Thang

Isn’t Banner Mesh only for Building sites?

While Builders do use it A LOT, you’d be surprised once you start looking, which industries are utilising banner mesh.

Your brand is one of the most important aspects of any business in this day and age. Banner mesh offers an array of businesses the opportunity to advertise their business or event in an incredibly targeted way. By printing your logo and business details on fence mesh and displaying it around a site, you increase your brand awareness.

Banner Mesh while widely used in the construction industry is no limited to this field alone. If you have a fence, a wall, an event, some scaffolding even an unsightly storage yard you want to hide banner mesh is for you. We have provided banner mesh to car yards, a hairdresser, a boat manufacturer a daycare centre and more. If you have access to a fence why not utilise that prime marketing real estate and advertise yourself?

Passersby might take down your details for a job of their own. A potential customer might recognise it the next time they see it, building trust for your brand. Increasing your brand awareness via banner mesh can lead to an increased sales conversion rate.

In the case of a construction site or festival, there may be areas which the public aren't allowed to access for safety reasons. Mesh fencing can come in handy here too. It's a great way of sectioning off parts of a construction site, or restricting certain areas while still being aesthetically pleasing and informative.

Banner mesh has thousands of small holes all over its surface to allow for wind flow. This material ensures that wind doesn't damage the banner, or knock over the fence which it's attached to. Sites where banner mesh is installed are often outdoors, so the material has been designed with this in mind, making it ideal for sites with prolonged weather exposure. Having said that we have designed and fabricated for many indoor projects, especially indoor sporting events.  

Banner mesh is incredibly easy to hang yourself, as it has hemmed edging and stainless steel eyelets every 500mm (no these won’t rust). While it's easy to install, there's also the option of having The Signery install it for you.

Using banner mesh for your business is an affordable choice. A premium product with so many added benefits make it great value for money. We can produce many size options, please click this link to learn more. Should you need any assistance in designing your Banner Mesh the team here at The Signery are eager to work with you to create a bold and visually pleasing design.