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Types of illuminated signage

You want to make your business stand out? Why not accentuate your shop front with our 3D illuminated channel letters for an attention-grabbing customer experience!

Fabricated with aluminium and acrylic. The faces can be single or double sided and are digitally printed on flex face or opal acrylic fronts. Different lighting options are available.

With a variety of thicknesses and colors to choose from, our non-lit acrylic letters are designed to perfectly showcase your brand in a professional and captivating manner.

Combine front lit acrylic and back lit halo effect to create a captivating sign. Beautiful in the day and breathtaking at night.

Acrylic neon serves as a suburb substitute for classic glass tube neon, eliminating the unsightly backing plate. We offer endless possibilities for the color and style customization.

Capture attention with these outstanding 3D stainless steel letters. Illuminated by high-quality LED lighting, they are perfect for outdoor use and will surely make a lasting impression.