· By Ngo Thang

A-Boards and Flags

You have rented the ideal store, perfect lighting, amazing layout your shopfront signage is on brand and highly inviting, yet potential customers keep walking or driving past without noticing you. In this day and age, it’s difficult to get consumers to look up from their phones to engage in conversation, let alone to be enticed into your store.

That’s where our heroes come in. The A-Boards and the Flags. One of the simplest but most effective ways of boosting sales and raising interest in your business is pavement signage.

The A-Board is in the prime position to grab pedestrian and motorist attention as they pass by. Being double sided you have ample space to share important eye catching information and the ability to relocated or rotate the sign easily depending on traffic patterns. The A-Board is durable and you can choose a more long term design or a design with corflute inserts which can be easily be changed.  

Flags move and catch the eye of the passer by and can by positioned in locations where A-Boards may be missed. These are particularly helpful when you don’t have street frontage but still want to attract the attention of passing motorists. There are many shapes and sizes giving you the opportunity to continue your brand story when customizing your design.

A further benefit is that A boards and flags allow you to advertise a particular offer or promotion you might have on at the moment. This could be anything from a ‘two-for-one' deal or a new product you have in stock. You can change the A-Board graphic inserts so you can keep your customers constantly updated.

Whilst A boards and flags aren't the only marketing tools you should be using to promote your business, they are one of the most important. Don't miss out on the opportunity to turn passing traffic into your new customer base.

Here at the Signery we always have a large stock on hand ready to be fabricated for your pavement signage needs. Our design team are always excited to work with you to create eye catching graphics to get those potential customers attention and direct them towards a sale.