· By Ngo Thang

Do I need to spend money to make money?

To put it simply, Yes! What do you think is the most important aspect of your business for attracting customers? Is it customer service? Location? Your online presence? 

If street appeal wasn’t one of your top answers, you might be surprised at what kind of an impact it can have on your business. Your shopfront is one of your most valuable marketing tools. It is your shop’s first impression and your first opportunity to introduce your business to new customers.

So often when approaching a business with obviously dated branding or damaged signage to see if they would like a quote to freshen up their signage the answer we hear is “I can’t afford it”. We here at The Signery don’t doubt that. It’s been a tough few years in many sectors. Either with lockdowns causing disruption to income or being overwhelmed to the point of chasing your tail to keep your customers happy.

In either of these situations, we understand that new signage is the least of your priorities. BUT it should be your number one priority. Updating your locations signage is one of the most effective ways of improving street appeal and can have an amazing impact on your business. The risks of not enhancing your street appeal are significant. 

When the world regains some normalcy, you want to be ready to receive all your new customers with an inviting, on brand and on trend street front aesthetic. Certain industry bubbles may burst and you don’t want to lose the customers you gained during the chaos simply because someone emerges with a more professional presence.

According to a survey of 1000 consumers, 95 percent said that a store’s external appearance influences their decisions on where to shop. Two-thirds decided not to visit a shop based solely on its appearance from the street. More than half avoided a venue due to a “dated” appearance from the outside. Nearly 40 percent won’t enter a store that doesn’t “look like a place I would normally shop.”

A clean and tidy street presence is important, but it isn’t enough. You need a strong, appealing visual to draw curious customers into your shop. Signage and displays should all be considered with your brand in mind.

The team of designers and installers here at The Signery have all encountered financial hardship at times in their lives and with consideration to the tough financial situations some businesses find themselves in at the moment we have introduced ZIPPAY as a way of making new signage and branding more accessible. Please click this link to learn more about ZIPPAY and how you can use it to increase revenue by improving your street appeal NOW.