1. black A frame sign on wheels in studio
  2. close up of a frame sign wheels
  3. pink health service a frame sign



Regular price $270.00

Announce your grand opening or current sales promotion with an attractive A-frame sign on the sidewalk around your shop, restaurant, gallery, or real estate property. Our versatile A-frame signs are fully customisable and lightweight, which makes them easy to transport or move.

Why choose A-frames?

  • Weather-resistant and waterproof
  • Size 600mm x 900mm 
  • Reorder changeable boards easily online
  • UV-ink for long-life
  • Double-sided display

A-frames are usually made from metal, PVC, or plywood and are available in many different sizes, and shapes and with optional wheels.
Explore our assortment of A-frame designs and let The Signery create and print your unique and eye-catching design, that will make people stop and look.