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Fleet Graphics and Wraps

Wrapping your vehicle is the ultimate way to market your business and expose your branding.

What we can offer:

  • Full wrap
  • Decals
  • Contra Vision

Give your car a customized look with your favorite design, business ads, company logo or simply change your vehicle’s paint.

You can do it the easiest and

less expensive way by using a Vehicle Wrap.

Vehicle wraps are categorized into two options -partial wrap and full wrap. A partial vehicle wrap is used to cover a selected area or a small area of a vehicle. It could be a logo on the rear of the van, an image, or small graphics in the car’s windows.

A full vehicle wrap is used to cover the entire vehicle which is done for various reasons like covering the paint, showcasing a person’s art, advertising a brand logo, or promoting products or services.

Who Uses Vehicle Graphics And Wraps? Car designs or art enthusiasts use vehicle graphics or vehicle wraps to give their car a tailored look apart from the typical paint.

However, it has a more beneficial application in business.Vehicle graphics and wraps are used by many companies formarketing and advertising.

A company can have their fleet of vehicles covered with customized vehicle wraps as a form of mobile advertising. Whether it is a truck, a van, a car or a bus covered with a digitally printed advertisement, it is a powerful advertising tool and could get more impressions as online marketing. In case you do not want your car or your company vehicles to be covered in a vehicle wrap, you can opt to use magnetic vehicle graphics which you can attach and remove anytime.

How Long Does A Vehicle Wrap Last? Using the latest technology in printing, quality materials; and following a professional installation process, a full vehicle wrap can last up to 7 to 9 years.

How Much Does A Vehicle Wrap Cost? The cost of vehicle wraps varies depending on the size of the wrap – partial or full, the size and body type of the vehicle, and the complexity of the design or graphics. We offer a wide range of vehicle graphics and wraps customized to your needs. Contact us for a free quote. What Materials Are Used In Vehicle Wraps?

Most car wraps are made of polyvinylchloride (PVC) polymer, commonly called vinyl. Vinyl is widely used for custom lettering, logos, and decals. It is flexible and resistant to ultraviolet light.We offer options on the materials to use for your vehicle wrap and we can discuss the options with you.

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See through wrap over windows

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half or quarter wrap

half or quarter wrap

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