Window Frosting Solutions

Window Frosting Solutions For More Privacy, Light and Temperature Regulation 

Do you want to create more privacy without having to build a wall? Window frosting is a great signage solution to cover your glass doors and windows for more privacy. Frosted signage also functions as protection from sunlight, without having to cut out natural daylight, and helps to regulate room temperature.
How does it work?

Frosting film makes glass semi-translucent and gives it a sandblasted appearance. On the outside, objects or people inside are also not visible anymore.
 outside view of four frosted glass window panels  close up of frosted coloured window graphic on glass  indoor frosted glass window with cut out lettering
Your Benefits?

•More Privacy: Window frosting allows you to create privacy in a commercial or residential space.
•UV-Protection: Frosting films protect from UV rays and help to keep your room cool.
•Cost-Effective: Window frosting is an affordable alternative to sandblasted glass panels.
•Brand Awareness: Integrate your brand logo as part of the window frosting.
•Look: Frosting films are light and elegant.
    The Signery can customize your window frosting in full or partial height, different patterns, colors and with your corporate logo.