Vehicle One-Way Vision

Innovative Advertising Using Your Car Windows... Or even the glass panels of your office with one-way vision signs.

One way vision signs are graphics or designs digitally printed on a perforated and self-adhesive vinyl material using UV-resistant ink. These are used as advertising solutions on car windows, glass panels like walls, doors and windows of shops and buildings. These are also called window decals or vehicle decals.
 white vehicle one way vision signage on rear car window
The vinyl material used in one-way vision signs has tiny perforations which give a graphic view to the onlookers. The best thing is, these allow visibility of the outside, while maintaining indoor privacy to the inside of your car. These also help in screening the sunlight.

Where can I use one-way vision signs?

One way vision signs are typically used on surfaces or panels made of glass like doors, windows and walls. These are also often used on car and bus windows provided it does not obscure the driver’s line of sight. These can also be used alongside vehicle wraps in any type of vehicle.

What are the advantages of using one-way vision signs?

They are less expensive, easy to install, and can be used indoors or outdoors. They are suitable for car windows and glass panels of offices. Using one-way vision signage is perfect for advertising on car windows while ensuring privacy inside your car. You can also use these signs to advertise on glass doors and windows of your office while enjoying your privacy and seeing the outside view.

How much does a one-way vision sign cost?

The cost of a one-way vision sign will depend on the complexity of the design or graphics to be printed, the colour, and the size of the sign.
We can always assist you in customising your sign and give you a free quote. Contact us today.

Are there different types of one-way vision signs?

One-way vision signs can be categorised as either promotional or vehicle grade. These are printed on two different vinyl materials. The size of perforations on automotive or vehicle grade vinyl is larger than promotional grade vinyl. Automotive-grade allows the driver a better view as they see-though it while driving. Promotional grade material is often used for office glass doors, windows and walls and has smaller perforations.
Contact us and we will assist you in choosing the right material for your one-way vision sign.
       white vehicle one way vision graphics on rear window of van  yellow one way vehicle graphics on rear windscreen of a yellow van      

How long does one-way vision last?

Guaranteed to be printed using UV-resistant ink and printed on quality grade vinyl, one-way vision signs can last for many years. However, the accumulation of dust on the sign can restrict the visibility of the outside view. 
We ensure to provide quality one-way vision signs and follow your specifications.