Customised Vehicle Lettering

Branding Your Vehicle With Premium Lettering 

Do you wonder about the best substitute for vehicle wraps? Customised Cehicle Lettering is here for you. Using vehicle lettering will increase your brand exposure while driving your car, van, truck, motorbike, or boat.
Lettering for business names, company logos and graphics are best presented on vehicles as lettering. Vehicle Lettering or Spot Graphics are highly customisable that are machine-cut from quality adhesive vinyl. They are also easy to install, clean and maintain.
          large vehicle lettering business logo and info on white cleaning van  white retro business logo as vehicle lettering on black jeep  black and turquoise lettering and logo as vehicle lettering on white ute door     
We use lettering and design software to help choose your graphics and letters or you can create your own. You can choose from various styles of fonts, colours, and graphics, use clip art designs and more. 

What are the advantages of using vehicle lettering or spot graphics?

  • Caters to the minimalist in designing their vehicles for advertising.
  • It is very affordable and less expensive than vehicle wraps.
  • Sturdy, well-formed lettering provides a professional look on your vehicle.
  • Using vehicle lettering for advertising provides a highly focused look compared to vehicle wraps. It highlights only the name or information you want others to see on your car.
  • It is simpler to install and remove on your car.

Which are better to use vehicle lettering or vehicle wraps?

If you want a simplified way of presenting a minimal advertisement or graphic, then vehicle lettering is your best option. However, using a vehicle wrap is more suitable for elaborate designs and to present your graphics on a more extensive canvas or larger surface area. Vehicle lettering is also normally less expensive than vehicle wraps.
Call us, and we will help you choose which is best for your car based on the model type and design you want to use.

How much do vehicle letterings cost?

Always remember that the cost of vehicle lettering or spot graphics depend on the complexity of the design or graphics to be printed. The colours, material to be used and their size also affect the cost.
Want a free quote? Give us a call..
       steel x black lettering logo vehicle lettering on white ute  letters B T P and business logo as black vehicle lettering on white ute door

How to clean vehicle lettering and spot graphics

  • Wash your vehicle lettering, spot graphics and wraps using a clean and soft sponge. 
  • Hand wash them using mild detergent only.
  • Do not brush them as it may cause the design to look dull or faded. 
  • It is not recommended to use power washers when cleaning letterings and spot graphics, but if you need to, be sure that the nozzle is at least 1 foot away and do not spray them directly. 
  • Dry it as soon as you finish washing them.
  • If you plan on storing them for an extended period, dry them well and do not store them in direct sunlight