Van Wraps

Did You Know That You Can Personalise the Look of Your Van?

Customise the look of your personal or company vans using van wraps, and your fleet will become roaming advertisements wherever they go. 
Van wrapping has become a popular way for companies to use their vehicles as mobile signage. Using van wraps is less expensive than paying for promotion services. Businesses can leave a lasting impression, and a start up company can greatly benefit from high exposure from using van wraps. 
Van wraps are also called van graphics. A van wrap is a type of vehicle wrap specifically fitted to vans. You can personalise the design, graphics and size of van wraps. 
The graphics and designs of van wraps are digitally-printed on high-quality adhesive vinyl. The vinyl material allows visibility of the outside view from inside, while the onlookers see your design.
You can choose the best vinyl material for your van. It could be reflective vinyl or perforated vinyl. These are both easy to install and remove.

What are the advantages of using van wraps?

  • A cost-efficient way to promote your branding.
  • Less expensive compared to customised car paint.
  • Van wrap designs and sizes can be personalised.
  • Quick to install or remove on your van.
  • Van wraps help protect your vehicle’s paint.

How long do van wraps last?

When made using quality vinyl, van wraps can last for more than five years. However, the durability of a van wrap depends on the type of material you have chosen. Low-quality vinyl wraps may easily wear off over time. The design or graphics should be printed with quality UV ink so it does not fade quickly.
Higher quality vinyl also ensures to protect your van wraps from scratches and wearing. 

How much does a van wrap cost?

A van wrap is less expensive compared to customising the paint of your van. The cost of van wraps differ depending on the size of the wrap. You can order a partial wrap or a full wrap. The colours and complexity of the design or graphics also affect the cost.
We offer a wide range of vehicle wraps to suit your needs. Contact us for a free quote.
           kombi van full wrap with blue underwater graphic with black business logo  large white retro lettering as van wrap graphics on the side of dark green van  rear of van wrapped in yellow van wrap graphics     

Can van wraps damage my vehicle’s paint?

Van wraps can actually protect the car’s paint when used correctly and when the vehicle is in normal condition. The vehicle must be less than five years old, without excessive paint or ceramic coating, and have no corrosion.
There is also a 4-year time frame in which you will need to remove and clean the vehicle wrap. Cleaning it in this time ensures that the adhesive does not cement to the vehicle’s paint which may damage it.
Let us check the condition of your vehicle so we can choose the best material for your van wrap. Contact us today.