Customised Ute Graphics

Give Your Work Ute a Customised Look With Beautiful Tray Signs.

Use your favourite design, business graphics, company logo or simply change your tray colour. The easiest and least expensive way is by using a Ute Tray Sign with your logo and graphics.
 ute tray graphicson rear of ute tray  black lettering on rear of white ute tray  black lettering and logo on rear white ute tray     

Who uses Ute Tray signs?

Ute Tray Signs are used by many trades and companies for marketing and advertising. A business can have their fleet of vehicles covered with customised tray signs and graphics as a form of mobile advertising. Whether it is a truck, ute, van, car, trailer or a bus, it is a powerful advertising tool and could be potential customers remember.
Along with the tray signs, you can also use magnetic vehicle graphics which you can attach and remove anytime.

How long do the Tray signs last?

Using the latest printing technology, quality materials and professional installation process, tray signs can last up to 4 to 5 years.

How much do Ute Tray signs cost?

The cost of ute tray signs vary depending on the size of the tray, the size and body type of the vehicle, and the complexity of the design or graphics.
We offer a wide range of vehicle graphic solutions to meet your needs. Contact us for a free quote.

close up of ute tray lettering


What materials are used in Tray signs?

Most tray signs are printed on a 5 year vinyl and UV laminated using a matte or gloss laminate depending on your preference which is then installed onto an aluminium sheet called ACM.
Get in touch today to discuss other material options to suit your budget for your ute tray signage.