Customised Truck Wraps & Signage

Brand Your Truck To Give The Right Impression.

Reach a bigger market for your business. It is easy and affordable with Truck Wraps and Signage.
Truck wraps or truck skins are quality adhesive vinyl with customised designs and graphics. These wraps are placed on any part of the truck body to serve as a mobile marketing billboard. Your business may only have one truck or a fleet, by using truck wraps you can give your business a professional image anytime and anywhere the trucks go.
 black truck signage lettering on white cabin and doors of truck  printed graphics on rear doors of truck
Truck wrap sizes can be categorised as either a partial or half wrap, full wrap, or customised depending on your prescribed dimensions. You can create your design, choose your graphics and select the vinyl material to suit your needs. Depending on where you want to place the wrap, you can choose reflective vinyl or perforated one-way vision vinyl. The print can be a glossy or a matte finish making your design more appealing.

What are the advantages of using truck wraps?

•Cost-Effective form of advertising as it will not re-incur advertising costs for running your ads.
•Provide a consistent image of your business wherever the truck goes. 
Unlike television ads, truck wraps are non-aggressive. 
•The best option for advertising in your local and surrounding areas.
•Helps protect the vehicle’s body from scratches.
•Easy to install and remove from your truck.

    How much do truck wraps cost?

    The cost of truck wraps vary depending on the size and type of vinyl to use. The complexity of the design and the colours to be used also affect the cost. We customise truck wraps and give discounts on bulk orders. You also can send us your design, and we will give you a free quote.

    How long does a vehicle wrap last?

    Truck wraps made of quality vinyl can last five to seven years when maintained properly.   
    We offer different types of vehicle wraps, decals and lettering for trucks. Expect only quality print and material from us at an affordable rate.