Race Car Graphics

Give Your Race Car an Authentic Look.

Choose from a wide range of graphics, wraps or decals to give your car a unique appearance.
Race car graphics or race car wraps are used to make race cars look striking and authentic. These are customised graphics, text and designs applied to racing vehicles. These are also called racing livery designs. Race car livery is primarily used to give race cars a competitive sporting look while highlighting the sponsor’s brand for appreciation and marketing purposes. Most race car graphics include the car number, team name and sponsor’s brand. The drivers’s name can also be included.

Race Car Graphics are not limited to race cars. Every car owner has the freedom to decorate their car and make it look like a race car simply to grab attention on the road or to market a brand.

What are the types of Race Car Graphics?

Car decals made of quality vinyl are often used for race car lettering, text, numbers or logos. These can also be called spot graphics. Race car wraps are quality printed vinyl used to cover the car body with the desired design, graphics and information based on the user’s preference.

Why are Race Car Graphics used?

•To display team name, team logo and racing number.
To highlight sponsor logos.
To give focus on corporate branding on the race car.
To improve the overall aesthetics of the car.
    We have the tools to help you make your race car graphics, wraps or decals. Contact us for more details.

    What are the advantages of using race car graphics?

    Less expensive than customised painting or repainting the car.
    Provides a variety of options to suit your budget.
    Help protect the paint or exterior of the car.
    Durable and long-lasting.
    Easy installation, removal and maintenance.


      How much do Race Car Graphics cost?

      There are variations on the cost of race car graphics depending on the complexity of design, text, graphics and size of the wrap or decal. The materials to be used also affect the cost. 
      We provide only the best quality wraps and graphics. 

      How long do Race Car Graphics last?

      Vinyl wraps and decals can last five years or more with proper care. However, the quality of materials used can also affect their durability.
      We use only quality vinyl for our wraps and UV resistant ink for quality and long lasting graphics.