High-Quality Freestanding Pylon Signs

Guide Customers Into Your Shop With Impressive Pylon Signage!

Place a Pylon Sign outside your shopfront and grab the attention of passing traffic!
Pylon signs are tall, freestanding signs that are commonly made with a solid steel or aluminium frame.

To get the attention of pedestrians or passing vehicles, the large-sized canvas of a pylon sign showcases your logos, service, or promotion with flair and great legibility. You have the option to back-light or illuminate your pylon sign for a vibrant look in the daytime and also better visibility at night.
        Colourful pylon sign in landscape next to a driveway   Close up looking skyward of a large orange, grey and white pylon sign   Large pylon sign with multiple businesses signage stacked   Large pylon sign with multiple business listings and trees behind  
At The Signery, we design, manufacture and install your high-quality Pylon Sign for a lasting impression.