High-Resolution & Lightweight PVC Banners

Show Off Your Brand With Lightweight PVC Banners

The Signery produces high-resolution prints in vibrant colours creating PVC signage to any size up to 2.5m wide and hemmed with a beautiful finish that gives it strength and longevity.
Some finishes include:
  • Keder rope edging
  • Hemmed edging
  • Hemmed edging with eye lets
  • Double braced and hemmed edging for maximum strength
             large pvc banner spread out on floor of print shop  large pvc banners of female netball players hanging in university cafeteria  large black pvc banner strung between two palm trees  large pvc banner being installed via a scissor lift outside on a factory wall        
Our large-scale billboard banners are also applied with a clear coat laminate finish making them resilient and long-lasting. Our experienced staff can assist you with style and proportion for maximum visual appeal and great legibility. We custom design, manufacture and install your banners as part of our all-in-one service!