Modern & Classic Retro Neon Signs

Modern Meets Retro With Classic Neon Signs

Some things are timeless and so are Retro Neon Signs! Attract the attention of your customers with neon signs or give your office that classy shimmer. Neon signs can be shaped into lettering including short messages, slogans or your company’s name and are also suitable for plain minimalistic graphics.

Why Neon Signs?
Classy and Eye-catching
Low Maintenance


                red and blue open neon lettering sign  orange office sign in 3D neon lettering  yellow saxophone neon sign       

    Choose between Glass Neon and LED Neon Flex:

    • Glass neon is the traditional gas-filled glass tube, that glows when connected to an electrical source. Depending on your signage idea, we use between 9mm – 12 mm tubes and bend them into the required shapes.
    • LED neon flex is the new and more affordable variant of neon signs. It’s easier to cut and bend and allows more unique shapes. LED neon flex promises low maintenance and uses less power.
    Give your business that WOW factor piece to grab people’s attention and make your brand memorable! Contact us today with your ideas and we will do the rest for you. From design and installation to maintenance and repairs – The Signery will make it happen!