Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Do You Want Your Car To Stand Out?

Placing a Magnetic Sign on your vehicle is your best choice for flexible signage. Use magnetic vehicle signs with customised graphics and designs the way you want. 
Magnetic Vehicle Signs are also called magnetic car stickers or vehicle magnets. These are graphics or designs printed on high-quality magnetic vinyl that you can customise and place on any vehicle. These are easy to put on and remove on your car without damaging its bodywork. 
You can also use a magnetic sign as a temporary adornment of your vehicle. You can easily reposition it anytime you like or place it on another car, unlike using a vehicle wrap.
The size of magnetic signs varies depending on where you want to place them on the vehicle and they do not adhere to windows. It is easy to customise the design with us, whether it is for a personal car, art hobby or for advertising a business. You can create your magnetic vehicle sign or magnetic car sticker at a very affordable price.
 black and white magnetic logo vehicle sign on a white ute

What are the uses of magnetic vehicle signs?

Most businesses use magnetic vehicle signs as mobile billboards. These are placed on company vehicles like vans, trucks and even on boats to attract the attention of potential customers and reach a bigger market for their products or services. Using magnetic signs is the simplest and most cost-efficient form of advertising. You have likely already seen many magnetic vehicle signs on commercial and company vehicles.

How are magnetic signs made?

A high-quality printer with UV cured ink technology prints the design or graphics on high-grade magnetic vinyl to make a durable magnetic vehicle sign. 

How long do magnetic vehicle signs last?

Customised magnetic vehicle signs or magnetic stickers are durable and can last from three to five years when handled with due care. The frequency and way of handling when repositioning or placing and removing the magnetic sign on your vehicle may affect its physical condition. 
If you often travel on dirt roads, dust may accumulate and affect the adhesion of magnetic vinyl on your car. You can clean it with a damp cloth, dry it and place it back.

Can I use magnetic vehicle signs on any vehicle?

Magnetic vehicle signs work best on a car body made of ferrous metal like steel. There are car body panels made of carbon fibre. It is best to know first what is compatible with your car’s bodywork.
We will be happy to check your car to see how we can create your magnetic sign and which material is appropriate to use. Give us a call.

How much does a magnetic sign cost?

The price of magnetic vehicle signs differ based on the size, colour, and the complexity of the design or graphics to be printed.
We can assist you in customising a magnetic sign for your vehicle and give you a quote. Contact us today.