LED Backlight Signs

Light Up Your Business With LED Backlight Signs!

Do you want to make your business stand out? Why not accentuate your shop front with our LED Backlight Signs for an attention-grabbing customer experience!

The unique 3D Signs promise low power consumption, brightness and durability, which makes them a popular indoor or outdoor signage option during the day, but especially at night.

You want to get the look? The Signery offers a range of 3D illuminated letter and LED Backlight types and shapes which we can customise to your wants and Needs:

Lighting Features
            wiring in an open aluminium channel of an LED backlight sign  LED backlight letter signs N and U  large red and white 3D LED lettering on a grey wall during the day time    
    Choose your favourite style:
    Acrylic Letters: Hollow Acrylic Letters with the option of LED illumination.
    Face-lit Letters: acrylic face, Aluminium sides and back, long-distance visibility.
    Edge-lit Letters: Clear acrylic, illuminated through the edge and/or front.
    Halo-lit Letters: Metal or Aluminium Letters, illuminated from the back for a halo effect.
    Combination-lit Letters and Signs: Clear backs, semi-transparent vinyl graphics, option for two-colour effect.
    Exposed Neon Letters: Neon Sign covered by a channel letter, retro look.

              black LED backlight lightbox with a white letter H  close up of red and orange round LED backlight lightbox  round illuminated LED backlight lightbox and lettering below    
      Not sure which option will suit your branding? To learn more about the different types of illuminated letters and to customise your unique 3D signage simply contact The Signery! We design and install them for you and shine a light on your business!